Birth Certificate Apply Online:The birth certificate is very important, download your birth certificate online from here 

birth certificate apply online

Birth Certificate Apply Online:The birth certificate is very important, download your birth certificate online from here 

How the birth certificate is performed online and after being carried out, as you can download it, in today’s article, you will give yourself complete information about it. At today, the birth certificate has become a very important document. Being valid, in this place you will have to use the birth certificate. In this situation, how a life certificate is carried out, we tell ourselves in this article. 

The birth certificate is an important document that provides the recognition of the date of birth and position of a person necessary for various government and non -governmental functions in the future. In this article, we will tell you how to request the birth certificate. Power if a newborn also was born in his family, then he must soon obtain the birth certificate because the birth certificate is the first document of the child in which the name of the child is the name of the child’s parents and the birth of the birth of the child the The position is recorded only after the birth certificate of children, children make other documents so that the Aadhaar paper ration cards, etc. They are due to these documents, the admission of the child is taken at school.

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Birth certificate applies online 

birth certificate apply online

  • To create a birth certificate without connection, the applicant will have to go to the municipal company of Tehsil, the office of the Revenue Department near his area. 
  • After going to the office, the registration form must be obtained to apply there. 
  • After receiving the form, the information provided in the form must be accurately completed. 

As the name of the applicant, place of birth, birth time, parents’ name, district, state, information relating to the address, etc. 

The order to fill the information will remain as follows:- 

  • First name 
  • Name of the Father 
  • Mother’s name 
  • Year of birth (he will include three years; if he was born in 1990, his birth certificate will be discovered in the names recorded in 1989, 1990 and 1991 years) 
  • Place of birth and current permanent address. 

After filling all the information, all important documents sought together together with the application form must be admitted. 

Send the application form to the office in question after completing the procedure. 

The application form will be examined by the official official officials. After completing the investigations of the application form, you will get the birth certificate within 15-20 days.

Download of the birth certificate 

  • The first applicant will have to visit the official website of the city service. After visiting the official website, the home page will open in front of you. 
  • On this home page, you will see the birth certificate option. You need to click on this option. 

From which it is necessary to click on the birth option Jara Tere do na download of the certificate, after this, you can search for the recognition number, the registration number or the name/date of birth of the city. 

As soon as he looks, a new page will open in front of you 

On this page, you can see the status of the Bihar birth certificate request. 

If the birth certificate is ready, you have to download the birth certificate from here. 

After download, you can easily have your impression of any shop.

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